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How to determine your foundation shade & skintone

Aromaleigh foundations are classified by shade level (1 through 4) and tone range (cool, neutral, warm, yellow). Based on this simple system, a medium depth foundation with cool color tone would be "3C" or Medium Cool.

If you do not know your skintone, you can estimate it with the following information:

Cool: Eyes are typically blue or grey. Haircolor typically blonde, brown or black. Skin has definite blue and pinkish undertones. Cool-toned people look best in colors such as blue, red, pink and purple, or "gem-tones". Usually look best in silver jewelry. In natural light, the color of the veins on the underside of your wrist are bluish. You can wear a white shirt and it is flattering on you.

• Our "Cool" powder range has peach/pink tones. You might choose shades in the Aromaleigh color familes of C- Cool, or C/L (Cool Linen)

Neutral: Eyes may be any color. Hair may be any color. Skin has unspecifiable undertones, such as pink, olive or yellow. Those with neutral coloring can wear just about any color clothing and look good. Can wear gold or silver jewelry (no preference as to which looks better)

• Our "Neutral" powder range has peach and beige tones. If you find that your skintone isn't clearly cool or warm/yellow, then the "N" neutral range, our most popular- may work well for you.

Warm/Yellow: Eyes are typically brown, green or hazel. Haircolor typically brown, black, red, auburn, blonde or strawberry blonde. Skin has yellow/orange or olive undertones. Warm-toned people look best in earthy-toned clothing, such as browns, yellows, oranges, yellowish green and ecru. Look best in gold jewelry. In natural light, the color of the veins on the underside of your wrist are greenish. You are most flattered by an off-white, cream or ecru shirt (i.e. pure white makes you look washed out)

• Our "Warm" powder range has both yellow and peach tones. Our "Yellow" powder range has very strong yellow and beige tones. You might choose shades in the Aromaleigh color familes of W-Warm, Y-Yellow or W/L (Warm Linen) or Y/L (Yellow Linen) Women with yellowish to olive skintones tend to find their match in the Y and Y/L shade range.


Unsure of your skin-shade? Refer to the information below:

Ivory (Aromaleigh Ghost/Alabaster/Level One): You have extremely fair skin, and burn very easily. You may be very blonde and have pale eyes, or have very dark hair and a porcelain complexion.

Light (Aromaleigh Level Two): Your skin is pale, and you burn and then tan. You might be pale in the winter and have a "healthy glow" in the summer.

Medium (Aromaleigh Level Three): Your skin is of average tone, and you typically tan when exposed to the sun.

Deep (Aromaleigh Level Four): Your skintone is darker, possibly of mediterranean or other ethnic descent, and you tan easily.