Aromaleigh Loose Mineral Eyeshadow
Aromaleigh loose mineral eyeshadows are available in samples or full sizes. Our eyeshadows are our own proprietary formulations and are never repackaged micas. Our eyeshadows are highly pigmented- a little bit goes a long way!

Aromaleigh's permanent collection eyeshadows are primarily grouped together by finish. Our Matte formula is completely matte. Our Frost formula (Pure Eyes Frost) is a medium level of sheen. The Lustre formula (Pure Eyes Lustre) is less shimmering than the Pure Eyes Frost, and more complex. Our Metallic finishes can be found in the Alchemie collection. Our low-sheen plush finish is called "Muse". Our remaining collections in this category are all considered to be frost finish shadows, but they may have special effects added that will be described as "sparks" (most sparkly) or "sprinkles" (fine shimmer). A color described as having a "highlight" or "interference highlight" generally has duochrome qualities- many of our eyeshadows do have this popular effect, but we don't typically categorize eyeshadows as "duochromes", mainly because the effect can vary drastically from company to company, so it can be confusing for customers. Many of the colors in the "Ignis Antiquita" collection have duochrome or multichrome properties, as they shift colors, have interference highlights, or color traveling pigments in them. These colors are difficult to categorize so we provide excellent swatches for you to view.

Full sizes are packed with sifters in the standard "5 gram jar". This doesn't mean the jar contains 5 grams of eyeshadow, but rather pertains to what this jar size is commonly known as. We mark the weight of all of our eyeshadows as weighing 1.2 grams net weight. This is a lowest possible weight- most colors will weigh more. We made the decision to give all colors a lowest possible weight indication because every color weighs a different amount due to varied pigment particle sizes. We use the "5 gram jar" which is the standard size that the majority of the indie cosmetic companies use. We pack each jar full and then insert the sifter. While we air on the side of caution in indicating the weight of our products, rest assured- you are receiving a comparable amount of product from us as you are from other companies that pack in the same size jar and indicate higher net weight on grams on their labels.

Samples are 1/8 teaspoon of "packed" eyeshadow, and are packed in small zip baggies and contain numerous applications. The samples offered now are twice the size of Aromaleigh v1 samples! Depending on the application method which you use, you can expect anywhere from 10-20 uses or more, from an Aromaleigh eyeshadow sample. (Samples can be ordered on each collection's page- scroll down and you'll find them)

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